Almost ready - Introduction to your course

Welcome to your Tack-Sharp images course

Firstly, thank you for trusting me to help you improve your smartphone photography. As an enthusiast, you take lots of photos – on your phone and have developed a love of photography. 

Now, let’s take them to the next level. One of the biggest issues I heard many in-person and online workshop attendees discuss - was blurry images. It is avoidable in most circumstances. You are going to learn how and become that confident and creative mobile photographer you deserve to be.

Your transformational framework - the structure of the course

This course resembles the four steps from start to finish of creating a tack-sharp image.

Your 20 lessons grouped into 4 modules:

Module 1: Prepare the subject/scene

Module 2: Prepare your smartphone camera

Module 3: Shooting techniques

Module 4: Mobile editing

Each lesson is broken down into another framework to include:

  • What - you already learned and will learn in the lesson
  • Why - is it important to be doing in your photography
  • What if - you don't do this or do it the wrong way!
  • How - to use this tool to improve your results

Watch the videos on an app

At the time of enrolling, you likely set up a MyTeachable account on the platform Teachable that I host all these lessons. They have an iPhone app that makes the user experience much simpler and streamlined. Simply download the app and log into your MyTeachable account. It will synchronise your progress across all devices!

How much time do I need to allocate to each module?

Undertaking 2 x 10-minute lessons spread out over 2 weeks(10 days) is far more effective than trying to absorb it all in nearly 3 1/2 hours.

Module one: unkown at this time

Module two: unkown at this time

Module three: unkown at this time

Module four: 91 minutes

Total of just over four hours of video and two hours and 50 minutes of reading! The reading time is calculated on word count and based on an average to fast reader pace.

Download video

Video can be viewed at a faster speed by clicking/tapping on the setting in the bottom right corner of the video.

We all have different learning styles. Passively watching a video is great for some. You may prefer to be hands-on and be following along with my practical demonstrations on your phone. Bit harder, if you are watching the video on your smartphone!

You may even prefer to learn by skim reading through text – hence, why this text is here for you...

Weekly activities

At the end of each module, there is an activity to get you involved and practising what you have learned. We all learn differently. Me, I get excited with new knowledge and like to be hands-on and get out there practising.

You can share comments and images you create in the comments section at the bottom of each lesson page.

Technological advancements in your smartphone

Computational photography is amazing requiring minimal technical decisions required of us. Machine learning in the latest smartphones applies sharpening in detected textures and smooths areas it believes to be the sky.

There are two reasons why you still need to learn the principles and techniques in this course:

1. Edit previous images

2. Have creative control of when and where to apply sharpening to fit your storytelling and the narrative of your image.

Welcome, and I look forward to continuing our conversation in our Facebook community and in the comments in each lesson.

- Mike