Mobile editing introduction

Mobile Editing Introduction

The steps you have taken so far in your capture have produced the sharpest possible photo. Now, it's time to take your image to the next level. Using these recommended apps, you can extract so much more details out of your photo to create an image that just pops and jumps off the screen.

This is the stage where you can really produce a sharp image that compares with the 'big' camera. You will be creating images no-one will believe you created on a smartphone!

Why did I recommend these apps?

Making this course available to the iPhone and Android user limited the number of available apps to offer. The next criteria in recommending an app are:

  • Last updated by the developer
  • How often the developer updates the app - tap on version history
  • App review rating in Google Play, App Store and the wider internet
  • Non-destructive editing (more on that below)
  • Intuitive to use
  • Image saves in full resolution

Image sharpening issues

Tack sharp, detailed images look amazing in the right areas of an image. Imagine a sky scene full of soft flat stratus clouds that look like a gloomy, dramatic overcast day. Wouldn’t those clouds look weird and unnatural if they were sharpened? We very quickly and subconsciously determine what looks ‘wrong’ or over sharpened.

If you sharpen images excessively or use the tools incorrectly, it can reveal or increase any existing image noise (grainy white speckles) and create white lines around objects referred to as halos.