Activity - Self-assessment and introduce yourself in the comments

A self-assessment at the start of this course will help you identify what you want to achieve (personal objectives) and why you are undertaking this course. Your answers will also help you to see how far you have advanced at the end of the course.

There are only six questions and will only take you several minutes to complete. A printable version of the questions is included below.

What do you do with the answers? You have several options:

  1. You can keep the answers to yourself to reflect on at the end of the course
  2. Post your answers in the comments as an introduction to everyone else
  3. You can send a copy of your answers to myself and introduce yourself. I may even have some articles specific to your answers that I can send your way

Self-Assessment Questions - Download.pdf

Example answers. Some may resonate with you. 

What do you like about photography?

  • The convenience of documenting your life, family and loved ones or the convenience to record places you have been.

What do you love about photography?

  • Expressing your creativity on a mobile, easy to use platform
  • Re-living and sharing with others those precious moments and experiences
  • The art of seeing the world differently. Taking the time to appreciate and capture the colours, textures and details?
  • The little dopamine, pleasure hit of having your images liked and shared online?
  • For me, it is about the community of sharing and being inspired by others, also passionate about photography

What do you struggle with in photo editing?

  • Direction – not sure where to even start
  • Everyone tells me I have a style, but it is just a filter!
  • I didn’t get that creative gene and I have to work really hard at it (that’s me too)
  • I struggle with having a vision or that ‘photographic eye’ everyone talks about

What photos do you find yourself taking most?

  • Travel experiences, capturing the beauty of everyday life, flowers, nature, street photography
  • Family photos and documenting the lives of loved ones
  • Business photography for your social media
  • Capturing the unseen in macro photography or long exposure images

What do you feel when you edit those photos?

  • Images have an incredible ability to make the viewer feel extremely calm or excited. You can even create a feeling of tension and anxiety
  • This also applies if you are taking photos for your business. Being proud of that menu will show in your images once you start to apply these skills and re-creating that mouth-watering emotion

What do you want to achieve out of this course?

  • See photo opportunities in everyday life and make them look beautiful
  • Authentically re-create that emotion and feeling of the scene in front of you
  • Make that flower or landscape look as stunning as you remember it
  • Enhance some of those older images that need a bit of work….we all have them


Introduce yourself in the comments below.

Your self-assessment answers are a great way to introduce yourself to everyone else.

Post your answers in the comments below for the rest of us to get to know you and help us to think about our own objectives and why we love mobile photography.