Discover common and hidden features on your smartphone and basic capture tips - 18 minutes

Hello and welcome to your FREE smartphone photography course

I’m so excited that you have realised that photography is more than a tap of the screen.

Thank you for taking the leap and inviting me to show you how easy it is to create WOW photos on your smartphone.

Tips included and explained in the video

  • Clean your phone camera lens!
  • Tap the screen on your subject
  • Easily increase/decrease brightness
  • Press the volume - button to take the photo
  • Long press the screen on iPhone to lock the focus
  • HDR explained - it is not High Definition Resolution!
  • Stabilise the phone to avoid blurry images
  • Panoramic mode

NOTE: Below there are links to download video or audio to view and listen offline at your convenience.

Mentioned in the video:

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Great – thanks for joining me. I’d love to see you practice these tips and share your photos in our community.

Until then…..Be passionate, Be creative and Keep learning