Video 1 - Learn how to STOP taking BORING photos:

Hello and welcome to your FREE smartphone photography video series

I’m so excited that you have realised that photography is more than a tap of the screen.

Thank you for taking the leap and inviting me to show you how easy it is to create WOW photos on your smartphone.

In this video, I share with you my favourite technical, storytelling and compositional tip. Before you start exploring photo editing, you will place yourself in a much greater starting position by 'getting it right in camera.' You have probably heard that expression before. It basically means becoming more familiar with your camera, taking advantage of some of the technical features.

Identifying a clear subject and photography intention (motivation for taking out your phone) will make it easier to set up a strong composition. These few tips will see the biggest transformation in your images before you even get to the editing phase.

NOTE: In the next video, learn my #1 tip to avoid taking blurry photos.

This video has been updated in 2021. Hence, some comments below are not relevant. Let's fill up the comments on your thoughts about the latest version.

P.S. In the next video I will share my #1 tip to stop taking blurry photos.