Mobile Editing - Amateur to Pro in 10 Days

The more advanced lessons from the original course 'Enthusiast to Pro in 21 Days'

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A little further along the journey for the 21 Day course? Save time and money and enrol in the 10 Days instead!

  • This condensed course is a selection of the advanced editing lessons
  • Assuming some prior knowledge, this course will meet you at your existing skill level and develop you further
  • Included: 1/2 hr one-on-one with me, Mike the course creator and instructor. That's AUD 99 value already!

Join over 1800 students already mobile editing

You too can become more creative, more confident and take your photography passion to the next level on your existing smartphone - Android or iPhone of any age.

Save time and money creating more aesthetically pleasing, impactful, engaging images anywhere, anytime. No need to upgrade your phone or study for months.

Build confidence, self-expression and photography enjoyment as you bring back your original intention and emotion lost through the camera. The best bit - you can also edit all your favourite photos sitting on your phone.

You have the ability to create beautiful images inside you

I can help you unlock it in days - not months

It doesn't have to take months or years of study, watching desktop program tutorials, downloading countless apps, searching for that perfect filter that does everything. Learning smartphone image editing can be faster, more fun and easier than you thought.

Let me show you how.

It's not your fault!

Have you ever said 'the photo doesn't do it justice'

How often do you take a photo of a breathtaking view, only to be disappointed?

Your camera guesses what you want in focus, averages light and colours in the scene and often produces an average, muted and boring image. Your phone is designed to effortlessly capture a moment and it does that very well.

However, you know your images can be so much better. You know the difference between a snapshot and an aesthetically pleasing image that tells a story, is beautiful, compelling and powerful.

Do your photos look flat, boring and out of focus?

In the more advanced lessons, you will learn how to add sharpness and depth to any image combining that intimidating Curves tool and the easy to use Tonal Contrast tool.

Learn hidden sharpening secrets inside the Lightroom mobile most professionals do not even know exist!

Have fun creating Double Exposures

Learn how to blend two or more images using Snapseed and two of my other favourite apps - Adobe Mix (available on Android and iPhone) and Superimpose. We get a little technical in this one using layers and masking. Using the same consistent easy to understand language and energy, I break it all down into simple concepts from start to finish. You will love this one...

Why edit photos?

#1 Your photo is already edited

Have you noticed people proudly sharing images with #NoEdits? Little do most know, all photos captured as the default JPEG file format have already been edited by your smartphone. Your camera auto-enhances photos to make the end product of phone manufacturers look good. Learning to edit allows you to control that end product to your preference.

#2 Fix what your phone got wrong

Photo editing is about re-creating what was lost in the capture. Your smartphone can be fooled into capturing a bad photo and sometimes there is user error! In this course, you will learn how to 'see' as a photographer, before you start editing your masterpieces.

Imagine how many photos you trashed that you could have saved? No more...

# 3 Storytelling

You will learn how to break down the elements of a scene. You will recognise the motivation and intention of the photo and implement steps to either emphasise a feel or create a beautifully aesthetic image. Doesn't that sound great?

# 4 Be creative

Creativity is like a muscle. It needs to be activated and consistently exercised. We are all capable of being creative. Photo editing is subjective, having no right and wrong. However, there are photographic rules and guidelines for established standards of aesthetics. Guided and informed experimenting helps to discover new personal editing styles.

Editing without the computer, jargon and technical stuff!

Who has the time or patience to endure the steep learning curve of a complicated desktop program? Especially when most if not all of your images are captured on your smartphone!

This condensed course assumes have some basic Snapseed editing experience.

We live in a wonderful time now, whereas photographers we are no longer defined by the camera we use. The truth is, you don’t need to have exceptional talent or skill to create phenomenal photographs.

You do not need to have a comprehensive knowledge of incredibly complicated editing software. You do not need to wait until you buy the latest smartphone. So many believe they can buy their way to amazing photos.

Whether you take photographs of nature, travel, business or family, all you need to know is the basic foundational principles, techniques and a little bit of practice. It does not need to be hard! You will be consistently creating professional images that you are proud to share, post and print.

You could achieve this is in one weekend!

What to expect

This is the condensed version of the original 21 Day course: Mobile Editing - Enthusiast to Pro in 21 Days.

Ten of the more advanced lessons are selected and provided, assuming that you are already familiar with some of the Snapseed basics.

All lessons include a video, walking you through the why and when of the technique or tool before demonstrating how to use it. On average, these are under 14 minutes in length.

Total of just over 135 minutes hours of video and three hours of reading. That is just over half the viewing time of the original course.

Want a look inside?

Jump straight into the full lesson for FREE, that addresses one of the biggest struggles for most of us - increasing image sharpness.

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the Details and Tonal Contrast tools inside Snapseed and my favourite Sharpening tool inside Adobe Lightroom mobile app. Don't be intimidated by the word Adobe, I explain it all in my same simple, energetic and comprehensive style.

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"Just binge-watched them, Mike... Well planned, everything flowed, simple and easy to understand. You speak in a clear friendly manner. I certainly learned things.. right from the beginning. Oops, I've never cleaned my lens."

- Cheryle Abbey Matthew

A fantastic introduction to Snapseed. Each module gave me great info to get the most out of the app and improve my photos. Easy to follow and understand. Thanks Mike excellent course.

- Sally Todd

"Really loved this course, the videos are quick and easy to watch, which I think is important. I also like that the information was kept simple. I picked up a few tips too, like the grid lines. I love the fact that my mobile phone camera can help me take great photos. Highly Recommended"

- Carole Walker

Your Instructor


My two passions are training design and photography.

After delivering hundreds of photography workshops, the overwhelming majority of students simply want to improve the photos they have already taken. Years of photography student feedback and my late adoption to smartphone photography places me in a unique position to truly understand you.

Unlike other course creators, I am equally passionate about training design. Like you, I value ongoing learning. After acquiring my Diploma in Training Design and Development I continue to stay up to date with Adult Education best practice to deliver you the most relevant, quality product possible.

Learn more about me here

Included: 1/2 hour one-on-one session - AUD 99 value

Unlike other photography courses that you enrol in online, you have direct access to me, Mike - the course creator and presenter.

At the completion of your 10 days, let's connect and talk through any questions related to the course or smartphone photography. This is valued at AUD 99 included in this course. Learn more about how it works - here.

Included: Smartphone Photography Club

You are invited to join our Facebook group. As the community manager, I promote ongoing learning in this group. It is not simply a place to share your latest capture. For over 200 weeks now, we have a weekly photo theme of either a new technique or simple subject.

At the end of each week, I go Live in the group to share a collage of everyone's images. A People's Choice winner is selected based on community engagement of likes and comments. In the Live, I select some photos to offer feedback and answers any questions.

Which other photography course offers that?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a later model iPhone or Android phone?
Short answer No. The benefit of a modern smartphone is the low light advancements in the photo capture stage. If you have that blotchy, typical early model low-resolution images – we cover that in the course too.
Do I need to a basic understanding of photography first?
This course is designed without the assumption of any prior knowledge. We start at the basics and support you along the way to the more advanced techniques and tools. You can post a question to Mike directly or to our private Facebook group, where you can help others with the answer.
What if have an older phone, iPad or Tablet?
That’s ok. The editing apps will work on any device. If you find that your device does not support the recommended apps – you will receive a full refund. You do not need to wait until that flash new phone to take full advantage of this course. It is not about the camera. The apps selected will work on the iPad and Tablet. Remember, it is not about the camera. You will actually be at a distinct advantage being able to see your progress on a larger screen!
Which apps do you use?
The main app we will be using is Snapseed as well as a small number of other apps that are also available on both iPhone and Android.
What is the format of the course?
The condensed version of the course is broken down into a selection of 10 of the more advanced lessons. The average video length is just under 10 minutes. Audio can also be downloaded from the resource page.
I am not good with technology
I am not good with technology The platform chosen to deliver the course was selected for the ease of use for you in mind. The interface is clutter-free and easier to follow than most delivery websites. If you have any trouble at any time, you can reach out to receive prompt support.
How long will the course take?
That is up to you. The course titles indicate the number of days in design. This provides time to digest and practise what you learn. However, if you are a Netflix binge-watcher, then you could easily get it done in a weekend!
Can I download the videos?
Yes, you can watch them directly in the course on your smartphone or desktop. I have made them available in the Resource module to download and watch offline. You can also download the audio version. I know sounds funny – listening to a photography course instead of watching. We are busy people and personally, I love podcasts and prefer to listen to courses when that option is made available.

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