For everyone who wants 'Strategically edit WOW images on your smartphone'... not the whole thing

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Was the course 'Confidently edit WOW images on your smartphone' a bit too long or expensive?

  • This abbreviated course is all the more advanced editing features and techniques
  • Assuming you have already used Snapseed app, this course will meet you at your existing skill level and take you to the next level.
  • Price reduction from $197 to $67 AUSDL

You have found the shortcut to confidently and strategically edit your photos and create WOW images.

Photo editing without the computer, jargon and technical stuff!

Who has the time or patience to endure the steep learning curve of a complicated desktop program? Especially when most if not all of your images are captured on your smartphone!

This course assumes have some basic Snapseed editing experience.

Quickly transition from intermediate to more advanced photo editing techniques on your smartphone or iPad/tablet device.

In just 10 lessons, you will be able to:

  • Feel confident in editing any image – getting the most out of your smartphone
  • Make your photos tell a story and jump off the screen
  • Avoid the steep learning curve and overwhelm of desktop editing programs

You will also avoid:

  • Relying on your ‘big’ camera for capturing stunning images
  • Overwhelming subscription desktop photo editing programs
  • The learning curve of experimenting with different features and what they do
  • Over-editing images to the point that they look fake and unrealistic
  • Downloading countless gimmicky apps that actually destroy the image quality
  • Wasting time. You should be taking photos and enjoying loved ones

Have you ever said 'the photo doesn't do it justice'?

Photo editing is about re-creating what was lost in the capture. In this course, you will learn about how to 'see' as a photographer, before you start editing your masterpieces.

You will learn how to identify photographic opportunities, break down the elements of the scene, recognise the motivation and intention of the photo and how to really make that stand out in a beautifully aesthetic image. Doesn't that sound great?

After this weekend, you will be consistently creating WOW images that you are proud to share, post and print.

What to expect

This is the condensed version of the course: 'Confidently edit WOW images on your smartphone using Snapseed.'

Ten of the more advanced lessons are selected and provided, assuming that you are already familiar with some of the Snapseed basics.

Most lessons include a video, walking you through the why and when of the technique or tool before demonstrating how to use it. On average, these are under 6 minutes in length.

How much time do I need to allocate to each module?

  • Lesson one: is text-based, totally a 5-minute read
  • Lesson two: 10 minutes of video and an approximately 5-minute reading
  • Lesson three: 15 minutes of video and an approximately 4-minute reading
  • Lesson four: 16 minutes of video and an approximately 9-minute reading
  • Lesson five: 8 minutes of video and an approximately 9-minute reading
  • Lesson six: 18 minutes of video and an approximately 8-minute reading
  • Lesson seven: 6 minutes of video and an approximately 5-minute reading
  • Lesson eight: 7 minutes of video and an approximately 5-minute reading
  • Lesson nine: 7 minutes of video and an approximately 4-minute reading
  • Lesson ten: 12 minutes of video and an approximately 4-minute reading

Total of just over 99 minutes hours of video and two hours and 58 minutes of reading.

You could achieve this is one weekend!

We live in a wonderful time now, whereas photographers we are no longer defined by the camera we use. The truth is, you don’t need to have exceptional talent or skill in order to create phenomenal photographs. All you need to know is the foundation principles, techniques and a little bit of practice.

Whether you take photographs of nature, travel, business or family, you will be able to make each photo memorable as if it was taken by a professional photographer.

If you are a business owner wanting to better communicate your brand, capture moments, travel memories or someone who struggles with creativity - you will start to breakdown:

  • What is a WOW image
  • How to find the story and motivation for taking the photo
  • How to direct the attention of the viewer to exactly where you want in the image

Over 1 1/2 hours of video tutorials and 69 page downloadable PDF including all the lessons. You can easily finish this in a weekend!

This is reduced from the original course of over 4 hours of video and 173 page PDF!

Unlike a group workshop, you can participate in this course at your pace and still have your questions answered by Mike directly. You also have a community to involve yourself for the interpersonal social learner (like me). All learning styles covered from visual, auditory and reading/writing.

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Lifetime course access

As technology updates, so will this course. Your valuable feedback will lead to improvements that will benefit yourself. You will continue to have access to your course to access as a refresher in the future.

Continued access to Mike James

You will not feel abandoned during or most importantly after the course. Unlike other courses, I will be there to answer all your comments within the course lessons. I do not have a community manager for the Facebook group. It is me, and I am in their daily to answer your questions and share your successes. My passion for training comes from the opportunity to become your coach and mentor as you continue to develop your passion for smartphone photography.

Resource page

All the tutorial videos, audio and printable PDFs of each lesson can be downloaded to watch and read offline at any time.

Private Facebook group access

The private Facebook group is open to all past course and in-person workshop attendees. You are part of a special group that I hold dear. I want to support you in any way that I can to develop our shared passion for smartphone photography. You will see me in there every day answering any questions and supporting others

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Your Instructor


My two passions are training design and photography. This course structure and content has been meticulously planned, empower you to reach your goal of strategically editing your photos and become the photographer you always wanted.

Hi, I'm Mike James an award winning twenty-year plus veteran photographer/educator, a late adopter and now a self declared mobile photography 'purist'. My greatest pleasure comes from seeing your development and transition from taking snapshots to creating intentional, impactful and powerful images.

Unlike other course, I am here for you long after this course has finished in our wonderful community of like-minded photo enthusiasts on this journey together.

So looking forward to meeting and supporting you inside this course.

Learn more about me here.

Be Passionate - Be Creative - Keep Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a later model iPhone or Android phone?
Short answer No. The benefit of a modern smartphone is the low light advancements in the photo capture stage. If you have that blotchy, typical early model low resolution images – we cover that in the course too.
Do I need to a basic understanding of photography first?
This course is designed without the assumption of any prior knowledge. We start at the basics and support you along the way to the more advanced techniques and tools. You can post a question to Mike directly or to our private Facebook group, where you can help others with the answer.
What if have an older phone, iPad or Tablet?
That’s ok. The editing apps will work on any device. If you find that your device does not support the recommended apps – you will receive a full refund. You do not need to wait until that flash new phone to take full advantage of this course. It is not about the camera. The apps selected will work on the iPad and Tablet. Remember, it is not about the camera. You will actually be at a distinct advantage being able to see your progress on a larger screen!
Which apps do you use?
The main app we will be using is Snapseed as well as a small number of other apps that are also available on both iPhone and Android.
What is the format of the course?
The condensed version of the course is broken down into a selection of 10 of the more advanced lessons. Th average video length is just under 10 minutes. Audio can also be downloaded from the resource page.
I am not good with technology
I am not good with technology The platform chosen to deliver the course was selected for the ease of use for you in mind. The interface is clutter free and easier to follow than most delivery websites. If you have any trouble at any time, you can reach out to receive prompt support.
How long will the course take?
That is up to you. Three lessons a week will take 3 weeks to complete. If you are a Netflix binge watcher, then you get it done in a weekend!
Can I download the videos?
Yes, you can watch them directly in the course on your smartphone or desktop. I have made them available in Resource module to download and watch off line. You can also download the audio version. I know sounds funny – listening to a photography course instead of watching. We are busy people and personally, I love podcasts and prefer to listen to courses when that option is made available.

10 big reasons to start today
  1. Be proud of the images that you are creating and sharing
  2. Be confident you can enhance the most precious photos you already have
  3. Dramatically improve the look of your photos - iPhone and Android
  4. Discover how visual language creates strong, engaging images
  5. Practical, jargon-free techniques and tips to develop your photography eye
  6. Quick, easy to follow photo editing process to enhance any image
  7. More advanced image editing workflows to engage the viewer
  8. Avoid the steep learning curve of desktop editing programs
  9. Tell stories and evoke emotion in your images
  10. Advance from over-edited filters and create your own editing style or consistent look

"Just binge watched them Mike... Well planned, everything flowed, simple and easy to understand. You speak in a clear friendly manner. I certainly learned things.. right from the beginning. Oops I've never cleaned my lens."

- Cheryle Abbey Matthew

Fantastic introduction to Snapseed, each module gave me great info to get the most out of the app and improve my photos. Easy to follow and understand. Thanks Mike excellent course.

- Sally Todd

"Really loved this course, the videos are quick and easy to watch, which I think is important. I also like that the information was kept simple. I picked up a few tips too, like the grid lines. I love the fact that my mobile phone camera can help me take great photos. Highly Recommended"

- Carole Walker

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