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In this video, we discuss the details of each of the five videos in this free course

"Photography has nothing to do with camera" - Lucas Gentry

Video One - 19 minutes

Discover some of the main features on your phone and some basic camera tips

Your smartphone did not come with a manual! We are going to discover some of the most common (and hidden) features of your iPhone and Android smartphone. We will also cover some photo shooting techniques.

Video Two - 12 minutes

Principles - intention, compositional structure and lighting

You can accidentally take an awesome photo - I love it when that happens! Great images requires an understanding of basic photography principles to create a clear, aesthetically pleasing image that the viewer connects and enjoys.

Video Three - 21 minutes

Six-step photo editing process to enhance any image iPhone or Android

This is my favourite part of smartphone photography - playing with the photo editing apps. This quick and easy process using Snapseed app - is the starting point on all my photo edits.

Video Four - 26 minutes

My favourite accessories available on the website - when and how to use them

Who doesn't love a bit of geeky gear - I know you do! In this video, I will demonstrate different lens attachments available to extend the capability of your smartphone camera - when and where to use them, tripods and filters.

Video Five - 21 minutes

Flower image - combining most of the considerations, techniques and tips covered in the course

This is where it all comes together. I will walk you through the process from preparation, site location, the quick smartphone camera tips, accessories and the same six-step photo editing process.


"Before this course, I was unaware of all the super-easy - but super-smart things - I had at my fingertips, for taking great photos on my phone. I now have all I need to start experimenting and improving my mobile photo form. I am sending everyone I know to Mike!"- Stephanie Beitzel

"Really loved this course, the videos are quick and easy to watch, which I think is important. I also like that the information was kept simple. I picked up a few tips too, like the grid lines, which I've now turned on. I love the fact that my mobile phone camera can help me take great photos. Highly Recommended

- Carole Walker, Carole Walker Photo Art

"Just binge watched them Mike... Well planned, everything flowed, simple and easy to understand. You speak in a clear friendly manner. I certainly learned things. right from the beginning. Oops I've never cleaned my lens."

- Cheryle Abbey Matthew

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